Top 9 Backup and Migration Tools for WordPress


Last Updated on June 9, 2024

Moving WordPress from one server to another is a delicate process. You can lose precious data, customizations, custom templates, and website settings if not done well.

That is why using a trusted backup and migration tool is important.

In this post, we explore nine WordPress migration and backup plugins that offer a free version on WordPressdotorg.

All-in-One Migration

  • 5+ million active installations.
  • Most popular Migration plugin on WordPressdotorg.
  • One of the oldest – introduced in 2013.
  • Trusted by 60+ million websites.
  • Boasts enterprise clients.
  • It’s been around a long time, so it must be doing something very right.

All-in-one Migration is a premier plugin for seamless transfer of WordPress websites. As one of the oldest migration plugins in the WordPress ecosystem, it has benefited significantly from refinements across various WordPress versions.

With a simple one-click operation, All-in-One Migration empowers users, particularly those less technically inclined, to effortlessly duplicate entire WordPress sites, a feature pivotal to its widespread adoption.

In addition to its user-friendly one-click feature, the plugin boasts other essential functionalities such as incremental and scheduled backups, cloning for staging site creation, and support for multisite WordPress migration.

Boasting over 5 million active installations, All-in-One Migration’s extensive user base speaks volumes about its reliability and effectiveness.


All-in-One Migration prioritizes simplicity and user-friendliness, providing a seamless one-click solution for migration, backup, and cloning. Its intuitive interface is designed for ease of use, catering to users who value simplicity and efficiency in their backup and migration processes.

The plugin’s enduring presence in the WordPress community serves as a testament to its reliability and trustworthiness, making it a preferred choice for many users seeking a dependable backup and migration solution.


  • 3+ million active installations.
  • Close to 7000 5-star reviews.

In terms of popularity, UpdraftPlus comes a close second with more than 3 million active installations.

UpdraftPlus offers an extensive feature set and lots of customization options, and although it is accessible to any WordPress user, its advanced functionality appears tailored to those with deeper WordPress expertise.

UpdraftPlus’ primary function revolves around WordPress website migration, facilitated by its user-friendly migration tool. This feature allows for the seamless transfer of WordPress sites to new hosts or domains. Moreover, leveraging the same UpdraftPlus functionality, users can effortlessly clone WordPress sites for staging environments or site duplication purposes.


UpdraftPlus offers an extensive array of features and customization options, appealing to diverse users seeking flexibility in executing backups and migrations.

Advanced functionalities, including robust scheduling options, cater to tech-savvy WordPress users with intricate migration needs, empowering them with greater control and customization over the backup process.

With over 3 million websites relying on UpdraftPlus, its widespread adoption underscores its effectiveness and reliability.


  • 1+ million active installations.
  • More than 4000 5 star reviews.

Duplicator lives up to its name; effortlessly duplicating WordPress websites. Its standout feature is packaging sites into a single archive for seamless replication on new hosts, ideal for staging or development.

Duplicator’s main function is WordPress website migration and cloning. Its key feature is its ability to package a WordPress site into a single archive file, including all files, databases, and configurations, which can then be easily replicated on a new host. With this feature, you can quickly and easily duplicate a WordPress site for staging or development purposes.


The Duplicator plugin does what its name says – duplicate an entire website, even for websites as big as 100GB.

Overall, Duplicator serves as a robust tool for website migration and cloning, offering a straightforward solution for users looking to duplicate their WordPress sites with ease. Its specialization in this area differentiates it from other backup and migration tools.

With a history of refinement across multiple WordPress core iterations, Duplicator has earned a reputation for reliability and trustworthiness. It stands as a robust tool for website migration and cloning, trusted by users for its consistent performance.

WPVivid Migration, Backup, Staging

  • 400k + active installations.
  • Revving reviews.
  • Among a suite of WordPress tools; deeply vested in the WordPress ecosystem.

WPVivid’s migration and backup tool offers all three essential functions for duplicating and moving WordPress sites, including backup, staging, and migration.

In its free version, WPvivid offers migration, backup, and database snapshot functionalities. Upgrading to the Pro version unlocks a plethora of features, streamlining the process of copying WordPress sites at scale, including staging and database merging.

In addition, WPvivid’s advanced migration engine enables selective backup or transfer of specific segments of your WordPress website using its global exclusion rules feature.

This feature proves particularly beneficial when moving designated theme folders to another host, such as when transferring customized child themes from a local server to a live one.

Unlike its competitors, WPVivid offers many of its advanced features as separate add-ons that you can bundle with the main plugin.


WPvivid stands out as a robust migration tool, offering an array of advanced features for effortless copying, moving, and restoring of WordPress sites.

Tailored for repetitive migrations, it serves agencies or freelancers who frequently create staging sites.

You can bundle advanced add-on features as your needs grow but the basic plugin features suffice for most common migration and backup scenarios.

WP Migrate

  • 300k + active installations.
  • Relatively new.
  • Ideal for nerdy users

WPMigrate is both a backup and migration tool for WordPress. This means that you can use it to back up your WordPress site without transferring it anywhere. but you can also move the entire website to a new host with ease.

WPMigrate’s deep integration with LocalWP makes the WordPress development workflow seamless when it comes to moving WordPress from local to live server.

WPMigrate excels at segregated migrations; isolate the precise portion of your website that you’d like to migrate at that time.

You can also easily move databases, using advanced search and replace functionality for quick and error-free database restorations on the new host.

Other advanced functionality offered for database migrations include one-click push and pull to a new host and exclude migration rules that allow you to only move the parts you need.

WPMigrate also offers CLI integration for granular control over your migrations.


WPMigrate offers superb functionality for moving WordPress websites while keeping the error count at zero.

WPMigrate has some of the most advanced features for database migration, catering to a range of scenarios for migrating data.

If you’re an advanced user and require a lot of control and customization over how your database migrations are made, WPMigrate is the plugin for you.


  • 200k + active installations.
  • Fairly new on the market.

Backuply is a newcomer introduced in 2022 and has swiftly gained over 200,000 active installations in a short span.

As its name suggests, Backuply primarily focuses on providing WordPress backup solutions. Its features aim to deliver user-friendly backup options for various types of WordPress sites.

While Backuply does facilitate the transfer of WordPress sites as tar files for restoration on new hosts, this is not its primary function.

Made by Softaculous, Backuply extends its services to multiple other content management systems besides WordPress. For users managing projects on platforms like Joomla and Drupal, Backuply offers a logical choice for backups.


If you have websites running on platforms other than WordPress, Backuply is a solid backup tool to have in your toolkit.


  • 100k + active installs.
  • Perfected speedy WordPress migration.
  • Works on all top WordPress hosting platforms.
  • Completely free.

MigrateGuru is a free migration tool that specializes in speedy WordPress migration. While you can use MigrateGuru to backup your website, its primary function is moving WordPress between hosts, with minimal hassle.

MigrateGuru is ideal for users without tech skills thanks to its fully automated process and built-in search and replace feature. In a few clicks you can transfer all of your website files to a new host without worrying about errors.

That said, MigrateGuru’s advanced features will resonate with advanced users too, who require more customization.

MigrateGuru can handle migrations for large sites of up to 200GB. This is an impressive feat although it is a self-claim that has to be independently tested.


MigrateGuru offers 100% free migration and cloning for WordPress sites. It is ideal for all user levels, from average to highly technical.

There are no complicated processes as most of the hard work is handled behind the scenes with a simple click of buttons.

It lacks some advanced features such as scheduling, exclusion capabilities, and remote storage options (backups are stored on MigrateGuru servers).

If you want a no-frills migration tool for quickly moving a site from one host to another that’s completely free, get MigrateGuru.

WP STAGING WordPress Backup Plugin – Migration Backup Restore

  • 90k + active installations.
  • Big ratio of 5 star to 1 star reviews.

WPStaging offers a straightforward solution for WordPress users seeking to enhance their development process. The plugin’s primary function is to create one-click staging sites with ease and speed.

With a single click, WPStaging enables the creation of a duplicate staging site, allowing for safe experimentation with updates, plugins, themes, and content. Its user-friendly interface ensures ease of use, eliminating the need for complex technical setups.

WPStaging facilitates selective file exclusion, push and pull synchronization, and database merging, ensuring seamless integration between staging and live sites.

Whether you’re a developer, designer, or website owner, WPStaging provides a reliable platform to test changes with confidence, keeping your live site untouched until you’re prepared to deploy updates.


WPStaging is a very well crafted plugin that is capable of many advanced staging, migration, and backup tasks. It can seamlessly handle basic migrations as well as complex multisite installations.

There’s a lot of advanced functionality offered by the plugin to customize your backup and migration processes to suit your needs.


  • 80k + active installations.
  • Relatively new.
  • High ratio of 5 to 1 star reviews.

The main function of BackupBliss is to provide basic backup for your WordPress website.

In its current offering, there’s not much you can achieve in terms of migrating a WordPress site. Moreover, you can only backup your site and store the backup on your current server. There’s no option to store the backup remotely.

The plugin website indicates that many advanced features are in the making and are to be released.

BackupBliss is fairly new but it’s already achieved 80k installations.


For basic blogs with only a couple of posts and nothing much else going on, a basic backup is sufficient for the most part and BackupBliss manages that. For more complex website setups that require delicate backup solutions, this is certainly not where to look.


These top 9 backup and migration plugins for WordPress offer essential features in their free versions for backing up your WordPress website or moving it completely to a new host.

Most of the features offered cater to diverse user needs. Use this guide to choose the appropriate tool depending on your current need.