Unleash the Power of AI: Best Content Plugins for WordPress Sites

AI is all the rage these days. Just open your X timeline, and you won’t scroll far before being hit by all sorts of things AI.

AI content generation is particularly huge, and WordPress has not been exempt from this trend. As a WordPress business, should you consider WordPress AI content creation? How will it affect your search engine rankings?

In this post, we’ll explore how to maximize the power of AI content creation for your WordPress site using AI content plugins.

There are many AI assistants for WordPress, and some tools mentioned in this post combine multiple AI features. However, the focus here is on AI content creation tools that work directly within the WordPress dashboard.

AI generated content vs. AI-assisted writing

In order to make the most out of AI content tools, you must know the difference between AI-generated content and AI-assisted content.

Is AI-generated content the same as AI-assisted content? The answer is a resounding no. The two are different and can have different implications for your website in the SERPs.

AI-generated content involves issuing a prompt to an AI program, which then creates the content entirely on its own. The AI program doesn’t require any input from you beyond the initial prompt.

It will generate all of the content for you, whether it is text, images, music, and so forth. Content created this way is typically easy to detect as AI-generated because these tools often use repetitive patterns, making the content sound robotic.

On the other hand, AI-assisted content is first created by humans and then enhanced by AI to perfect grammar, tone, punctuation, and other elements. Using Grammarly is an example of AI-assisted content writing.

When to use AI-generated content in WordPress

Is AI-generated content entirely useless for a WordPress business? The answer is no. You cannot dismiss AI-generated content entirely as it has many uses and can greatly enhance your productivity. Here is how AI-written content can be useful in a WordPress business.

Generating product descriptions

Product descriptions don’t require nuance and a lot of contextual structure because they comprise straightforward content that describes a product’s features. With this type of content, you can generate it entirely using AI and then proofread and make corrections by hand. This approach saves time and increases efficiency.

Generating documentation and knowledge base articles

Creating a knowledge base for your WordPress product is an ongoing and often tedious task. Fortunately, AI-powered knowledge base builders can simplify this process and save you time when building a documentation microsite. Custom-built GPTs can be trained on your products and existing documentation, enabling you to create better support materials for your customers. Over time, this can significantly reduce the workload for your customer support team and enhance efficiency.

Generating on-page SEO optimization texts

On-page SEO requires writing text optimized for your top keywords on each page of your website, which can be tedious and prone to errors.

AI content generators with SEO capabilities greatly simplify this process. However, manual editing may still be necessary after the text is generated. The extent of editing needed depends on the AI tool and the prompts used.

What’s the best way to leverage AI writing tools?

The best way to leverage the power of AI content creators is to use these tools to improve efficiency, rather than relying on them to generate entire pieces of content.

When you generate a 2000-word article entirely using AI, for example, there are bound to be many inconsistencies, lack of context, and of course, a noticeable absence of the human touch.

Another example is when writing product reviews for a WordPress product or service. An AI tool cannot fairly evaluate that product or service without trying it out, which is not possible for an AI at the moment.

So when you issue a prompt for an AI writing assistant to craft a review from start to finish, such a review will lack the context that you would typically find in a review written by a real person based on their experience.

Use an AI-writing assistant to:

  • Brainstorm topic ideas
  • Perform keyword research
  • Generate SEO titles
  • Generate meta descriptions
  • Generate blog post outlines
  • Generate appropriate graphics for your blog posts
  • Edit human-written content
  • Make research for your blog content

Best Content AI Tools For WordPress

AI Engine

AI Engine is the most popular free content AI tool for WordPress, based on the number of active installations. While it includes various AI assistants for WordPress, its top features are the content generator and the chatbot.

Setting up the plugin is easy after installation. You can configure various settings depending on which assistant you want to enable.

To use the content generator, supply a broad topic, and the assistant will generate a title, sections or outlines, and then the full-length article.

AI Engine is more than just an AI assistant. It offers a powerful AI trainer to help you understand your website visitors better and enhance interactivity.

Although AI Engine is free, you still need a paid plan for any AI service you want to use. OpenAI is the default for most content generators, so you will need to provide your OpenAI key to use AI Engine’s content generator.

10Web AI Assistant

10Web AI Assistant is designed to elevate your content creation process in WordPress. You can choose between generating a full-length blog post or sections of the post, and the assistant will create the required content for you.

To get started with the 10Web AI Assistant, simply install the plugin from the repository. You will need to create a free 10Web account though in order to access the assistant’s content generation engine.

Once signed up and connected, you can generate and edit content directly within your WordPress dashboard.

I tried using the AI assistant within the WordPress post editor, but my page froze when I supplied a title and clicked the assistant’s Next button. So, I ended up testing the writer from the 10Web AI dashboard on their website instead.

10Web’s assistant provides templates to speed up content creation. They include: blog post intro paragraph template, blog post outline template, blog post conclusion template, FAQ generator template, product description template, a complete blog post generator, and many more.

Using templates makes it faster to generate and edit content rather than creating a complete post from scratch.

10Web AI gives you 2,000 free words to generate content, which is enough to test its capabilities.

Bertha AI

Bertha AI is another AI writing assistant for WordPress that can boost your content creation process. Launched in 2021, Bertha AI was one of the first dedicated AI writing assistants for WordPress.

It extends beyond simple blog posts, offering features for generating various types of website copy, such as service description pages, about us pages, and other essential website content.

However, like most AI tools, the free version has limited capabilities. Most of the powerful features, including tools for crafting social media posts, emails, stories, and images, are available only in the premium version.

AI Power

AI Power is a versatile plugin for using AI in WordPress, offering access to various AI engines for specific tasks. It enables automation of site management tasks and content creation using AI, including full blog posts and images.

AI Power’s content writer module is feature rich and very elaborate.

Setting it up is a breeze: simply install the plugin, input your OpenAI API key, and you’re ready to go. Inside the writer dashboard, there are four writing modes: Express, Custom, Playground, and Speech to Post.

Playground is where you can explore AI Power’s capabilities before refining your final drafts for publishing. You can use a predefined prompt or create your own custom prompts and titles. Generate a whole article or an outline, then refine the content before publishing it on your website.

AI Power is one of the most promising AI writers for WordPress and one to keep an eye on.


BetterDocs is a documentation and knowledge base generation engine for WordPress. The plugin includes numerous content generation features for creating in-depth knowledge base articles.

BetterDocs’ Write With AI feature enables automatic knowledge base generation. After installing the plugin, provide your OpenAI API key and complete the setup. The Write With AI module takes a document title, some keywords, and a custom prompt to generate the required article.

You can also follow the same procedure to rewrite an existing article.

AI Bud

AI Bud offers a variety of content creation tools and a chatbot for WordPress. The content generators include options for generating blog posts, images, comment replies, and WooCommerce product descriptions.

To use the blog post generator, insert the blog generator as a block in the site editor screen. Then, choose the AI engine to connect to, issue a custom prompt, and specify the language and tone.

The content generation process will begin, and your content will appear directly in the editor window.

As with all AI-generated content, you’ll need to edit and fine-tune the text to meet the specific objectives of your post.

AI Content Creator

AI Content Creator is a multilingual WordPress AI content generator that enables automatic content generation with just a supplied post title. It works with OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 models to create content, so you’ll need an OpenAI API key to use it.

Unlike other AI WordPress tools we’ve reviewed, AI Content Creator’s main feature is the article generator. There are no additional assistants for overall website management, such as chatbots. If you want to experiment with AI content creation in WordPress, this is a focused, distraction-free tool.

AI Muse

The AI Muse plugin is a multi-feature AI assistant for WordPress that supports various AI engines. The AI Muse content generator works directly within the site editor, enabling the creation of various content types with just a few prompts, including blog posts, product descriptions, and code snippets.

One standout feature of AI Muse is its ability to create and save prompt templates as prompt libraries, which can significantly save you more time when generating content within WordPress.

AI Muse is a great tool to explore the power of ChatGPT right inside WordPress, and experiment with a variety of content generation prompts using its innovative features.


GetGenie combines WordPress AI content generation with AI SEO to elevate your site’s search engine ranking potential.

What sets GetGenie apart is its comprehensive suite of AI marketing tools, making it more than just an AI content generator. GetGenie integrates SEO analysis, content creation, image generation, and a myriad of other powerful features to provide a comprehensive SEO marketing solution.

Traditionally, SEO content writing involves thorough keyword research to identify suitable keywords for your post, followed by the actual content writing, incorporating the keywords strategically throughout the article.

GetGenie streamlines this process with its standout feature: the NLP keyword suggestion tool. This tool offers real-time keyword suggestions, making the entire SEO content writing process significantly more efficient.

With a plethora of other features to explore, GetGenie offers much more than just an AI text content generator for WordPress.

ContentBot AI Writer

The ContentBot AI plugin is another WordPress AI content generator that focuses on generating content ideas through smaller content sections such as intros, outlines, product descriptions, etc.

Being the first AI content assistant that integrated directly within the WordPress dashboard, this plugin holds a special place among WordPress AI content tools. However, it’s not just a standalone tool; it’s part of a larger content automation platform designed to simplify and automate all your digital marketing processes.

Rather than solely focusing on generating individual posts, this tool assists in building a complete content flow—a series of interconnected actions and triggers that streamline your content marketing efforts.

If you’re using your WordPress site for digital marketing purposes, the ContentBot AI plugin and the larger ContentBot AI platform are definitely worth consideration.

It’s a wrap!

AI content generation tools for WordPress make it easy to generate content for your blog on the fly. Most of the tools we’ve reviewed are essentially ChatGPT wrappers, offering the convenience of automatic content generation directly within the WordPress dashboard.

Keep in mind that simply generating AI content and publishing it as is will not suffice. AI-assisted content creation is the best way to utilize AI writing tools for your WordPress business website. Ensure that human input is part of your AI content creation process to maintain authenticity.

Do you use AI content writing assistants for WordPress? What has your experience been regarding their impact on search engine ranking?