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Are you tired of seeing “Content is King” everywhere when it’s actually not bringing your business the result you want?

According to internetlivestats, each day 7.5 million new blogs get added to the internet on average. And it is becoming harder to attract audiences and get them to read your piece.

Yet, the main problems do not lie in the sheer volume of content people are writing every day. It is the lack of quality and solid information that is holding back most of those content.

It’s so damn true if you own a WordPress product. You might have a great product, but without well-planned content written by experts, you’ll fall miserably to outreach your target audience. Hence, people ain’t be knowing your WordPress products.

That is where GetWPContent comes in. We have a veteran team of writers who are ready to help you to outreach your target audience, no matter if you have a big or startup company. And now, together we are ready to take your business to the next level. Keep reading to know more about GetWPContent.

What is GetWPContent & How Does it Work

What is GetWPContent

GetWPContent is a content writing agency that specialises in WordPress content. Our team of vetted WordPress writers write content that helps WordPress companies reach millions of potential audiences.

Once we make a collaboration, we plan the content (unless the client has the content topics ready), which include different types of blogs, docs, social media content, and email newsletter copy. Then once approved by our clients, we start working on the content.

If you need separate content and want to pay per content basis, that is also fine by us.

Writers at GetWPContent follow a tried and tested method that has proven to be successful again and again.

In general, our content creation lifecycle looks something like this from the outside.

Content Lifecycle

Research > Data Collection > Content Outline > Writing > Image Generation > SEO Optimization > Review > Submission

Why Choose GetWPContent

With WordPress now having more than 40% share of the world wide web, the competition rose sharply. Getting your product in front of the customer, and getting them to buy your product is a tough challenge. Anyone can run a directionless ad on Facebook and Google, and get thousands or millions of reach.

But does that mean they are going to buy your product? No!

People want to buy products from someone they can trust, a brand. By creating a blog and keeping a strong social media presence, you can send a clear message to the customer.

Create a Brand


But you know very well that having a team of Content Writers is costly. Especially if your business is still in the startup phase, you will not be able to afford a content team. And that’s okay!

So how do you create your brand presence and let the world know your promise and value? Yes, through the service of GetWPContent.

Product Knowledge Before Content Creation: GetWPContent believes, without product knowledge, it is impossible to write content that the customer actually needs. If we can’t put ourselves into the customers’ shoes, how can we possibly solve their problem?

That’s why our team of writers spends enough time using the product before writing on it. While we do research the competitors, finding the users’ needs is the top priority to us.

Our experienced and vetted writers excel in writing about WordPress products. And with the abovementioned mindset, it’s no surprise that we are able to write content that people actually read and love.

Save $1000 on Content

WordPress Industry Knowledge: We have formed a team that has the WordPress industry knowledge and are capable of producing both technical and non-technical content. This allows us to help you with content that are highly insightful.

Ever had the experience of getting crappy content from a writer who has no domain knowledge? If so, you know the pain already.

As Affordable as It Gets: GetWPContent is extremely cost-friendly. Let’s say you hire a content writer with a relatively modest monthly salary of $2500. How much content will he/she be able to write for you in a month?

10 at max? That is $250 per blog.

Now, what if we tell you that you can cut this cost by almost half?

That’s how affordable GetWPContent is, in addition to the level of expertise we bring to your business.

Services GetWPContent Offer

GetWPContent Services

Name a writing service related to WordPress, and we offer it. Our content writing services range from blogs to conversion-focused copies. Here’s the list of services that we offer at this moment –

How-to Guides: An ideal WordPress blog revolves around helping people. How-to guides are an excellent way to help your customer by sharing different use-cases of your product. GetWPContent offers both technical and non-technical how-to guides that you share with your visitors.

Generic Blogs: Generic blogs are varied in topics. They are mainly to educate the customers on related topics to your genre. GetWPContent also provides these types of content.

Technical Documentation: Documentations are a must for a WordPress
Product website. And you already know where you can write it from on your behalf

Social Media Copies: Struggling with social media engagements? Then you need your social media copies written by experts. Let GetWPContet helps you get the best out of social networks.

Landing Page Copies: Landing pages are the ones where you convert visitors to customers. GetWPContent has extensive experience writing copies for high-converting landing pages, and we want to help yours next.

Video Scripts: Videos are one of the most engaging forms of content. And guess what. GetWPContent helps you with video scripts as well.

Website Launch Package: Launching a new product website? We can help you organize the whole website with powerful content that will optimize your website for more sales.

If you need any other services out of the ones mentioned above, do let us know through an email at [email protected]

Pricing Plan

GetWPContent Pricing

The pricing of GetWPContent depends on the type of service you want. For example, if you only want a single blog post, the charge will depend on the number of words. For monthly contract, you can get a personalized deal by mailing us at [email protected]

Great Result Only Comes from the Great Content

GetWPContent is your trusted solution for every type of content for your website. Are you ready to cut down your spending on content and get great results? We are here to help.

Get in touch with us before making the decision and let us show you a personalized plan for your website. We will research your competitors and create a content marketing strategy that is SEO-focused and something that your customer will love!

And if you already have a plan, then you’re one step ahead. Contact us to get your WordPress content writing services today.

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